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Membership FAQ

Q: Is this Shuttlepod website going away soon?
A: YES.  The board of MAPAPA has found a new website that provides new features that better address our needs and at far less expense than the current Shuttlepod website.  So a new website has been developed with many of the same features you enjoy on this one, plus a few more.  Please click here to start using the new website

Q: Should I continue to make payments for membership or events using this website?
A: NO Go to the new Springly website to make membership payments.

Q: Previous to this year we sent forms to a post office box in Annapolis. Can we still do that?
A: No. MAPAPA is discontinuing the lease on its mailbox in Annapolis. Do NOT send ANYTHING to the PO Box in Annapolis if you see that address on any old literature. We prefer that you make membership and event payments online, but you may send a check if necessary. Please do not mail a check payment without contacting for the current mailing address. Please make sure that your check is payable to Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters and is accompanied by a print out of the screen where you have entered your membership. We must be able to identify which member should be credited for the payment, so please make sure that you include the screen printout with the member's name. Our membership coordinator will enter the data from the form and direct you to visit the website to login for the first time. (See the question on passwords and security) Once you visit the site and create a new password, adjust your membership profile for public display to suit your individual needs. We will only display your name, city and state as we do in our membership section of the Newsletter. We will also display your website address if you provide one.

Q: Why was this website created?
A: This membership processing website was created for several reasons. It allow us to have greater flexibility in serving membership needs. Automating the process provides us with a host of added benefits. We can offer payment for memberships by credit card, a live membership directory, email broadcasting to all members, paintout and other educational event announcements with the ability to register and pay for the event expense fees, easy publishing of members announcement, ongoing discussion forums that address members concerns and lots of other features that we will

Q: Does MAPAPA have 2 websites?

A: Yes it does.  The site you are looking at now is the mapapa shuttlepod site.  It was created to take care of membership renewals, keep track of members, register members for events like paintouts and workshops, distribute the newsletter and send out email broadcasts.  It has lots of up to date information.  The other website, is the website that is fairly static.  However, it does better at providing a showcase for our membership's paintings on the members list and host the virtual exhibition gallery for membership shows that don't require wall space to exhibit.  The shuttlepod website is our everyday workhorse for activities while serves to show off images and provide a general overview of the organization.

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: Review the instructions in the previous question. All you need to do is click "Forgot Password" in the introductory page and provide your email address. It must be the email address you used when you entered your membership registration information. After completing this step you will be sent an email to the address you provided. Follow the instructions and click on the link to the website that takes you to a password reset page. Enter and verify your new password. Click the "home" link and use your email and new password to login to the MAPAPA membership website.

Q: What do I have to do with my Membership Directory information?
A: Either when joining or renewing, please set the items that you would like to be visible to all in your section of the membership directory. You can share a small or large amount of information with other members. The information is in the members only section so you will not be sharing it with those outside of the membership. It is a secured part of the website. We do ask that you provide the directory with at least the same information as we print in our annual membership page of the MAPAPA Newsletter, that is, your name, city, and state. Also, personalize your introductory text a bit or at least delete the dafault message we will place in the directory. It will indicate to us that you visited the directory section of the website and took care of this task. If a member sends renewal by mail, the information will be transferred to the website manually. We will include the name, city and state information along with a website address if you provide one. This is a great way for members to share access to their personal websites. We will also respect the privacy of members who do not wish to be in the directory. We only ask that you name alone be listed so that our administrative support volunteers can keep track of your whereabouts on the system.

Q: I don't have internet access. How does this website assist me?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate those who do not have internet access. All of the features of the website features including email broadcasts, event announcements and the discussion forums will not be available. Members without computer access can use public library computer to log into the main MAPAPA website as well as this one.

Q: My email address/snail mail address/website/etc.has changed. What do I do now?
A. You can change the information in your profile yourself. Logon to using your current email address and password. Once you logon, click where you see View Profile (upper right corner). You'll see your profile. Click on the Edit button and you should be able to change whatever needs changing. Hit Save to save the changes and you'll be set.

Q: Why does my membership say member since 2008? I've been a member for longer than that.
A. 2008 is when we switched to using the Wild Apricot software to manage our member database. Before, we managed or tried to) the member info using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and paper files that had to be kept in sync manually. Now we have everything in one database. This is also what allows us to accept online payments.
When the new database was implemented, the old records were imported into it and thus they were 'born' in 2008.

Q: I sent in a check to renew my membership weeks ago, but it still shows my membership as lapsed/overdue. What gives?
A: Check processing takes much longer for us since we process them manually. Once the Membership Coordinator receives the check, it must be manually recorded in the online system, and then forwarded to the Treasurer for deposit. This is one of the reasons why we encourage online payment, even though it ends up costing us through Paypal fees.

Q: I want to join but was not comfortable using an unsecure Web page to enter some personal information and password. Is your payment page secure?

A: First off, in the years that we have been using this web-based software to manage our database, we've never had an incident where someone's personal information was compromised. So far, so good.
Here is a link to our vendor's website that talks about their security measures: In addition, we use Paypal for all credit card purchases,
so we never have access to your card number. Having said that, some people do not like using Paypal, so we will gladly accept a check sent to us in the mail.
You can also choose not to add personal information like address and phone number. The only fields that are mandatory are first name, last name, organization (this is a system requirement. You can really put anything here, we don't use it), email address (this will actually be your logon) and a password (which is secured).
You can opt out of providing anything in any other field.

Go to to visit the main website of the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association.

Mailing Address (general inquiries to Board Chairman- do NOT send payments): 3831 Proctor Lane, Nottingham, MD 21236-4748
For mailed membership payments, please contact for the current address. Do NOT use an archived address, as it may no longer be accurate.

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